Favorite sites: FutureMe.org

I can’t help posting this. Although is not quite related to literature it’s something that really makes me tremble. I’m talking about FutureMe.org, a forwarding e-mail service with a special feature: you can choose in which date you’ll be posted the e-mail.

See some examples that thrilled me:

Dear FutureMe,

Hi, I hope you’ve accomplished something by now.

(written Thu Sep 4, 2003, to be delivered Wed Dec 3, 2008)

Dear FutureMe,
What have you done? Have you married him yet? Are you living with him at least? Is he reading this over your shoulder? I hope he didn’t cut his hair. How far are you both along to being high school teachers?

I’m eating tomato soup at an angle and it feels like that hot sensation when you are vomiting. I almost vomited because of it. Right back into the soup. Like a violent cycle.

Are you still as happy as you were when you wrote this? Happier? Pregnant? Driving the ‘stang?

Good luck, in the future.

(written Thu Jul 21, 2005, sent Wed Jun 7, 2006)

Dear FutureMe, are you truely happy with yourself.

(written Tue Jun 14, 2005, sent Wed Jun 14, 2006)

Dear FutureMe,
Me voila maintenant à Nantes alors que j’étais à paris l’an dernier. Sauf que cette fois ci je ne suis pas sur mon rapport de stage, mais sur des spec générales pour le projet CRM des banques populaires.
J’espère que tout ira bien d’ici l’année prochaine. En fait demain je dois passer un entretien avec un gars de paris qui veut me recruter. On verra bien ce qui va se passer.
Ce que je souhaite pour l’an prochain c’est une belle vie


(written Thu Dec 21, 2006, to be delivered Fri Dec 21, 2007)

there is a bird up in tonight’s sky
there is a blind bird speaking from my tongue
there is a bird saying ‘there is light’
there is a bird breaking through our heart
by a tiny crack saying
‘you exist’
‘you are’
there are a tiny crack and a precipice so human
growing in my skin
and blossoming.

hay un pájaro en el cielo de la
noche, hay un pájaro ciego que habla desde mi lengua,
hay un pájaro que dice hay luz,
hay agua,
hay un pájaro que se abrió paso a través de nuestro corazón
por una grieta minúscula y dice
hay una grieta y un precipio tan humanos
que crecen en mi piel
y florecen.

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