The guy walks into the bank office. Talks to a receptionist. The receptionist makes a phone call, lowering his voice, like making a comment that the guy should not listen. The floor is waxed. His rubber soles produce a comical noise every step. The interviewer appears. He takes a deep breath. The interviewer drops a friendly joke. The laughter echoes in the hall. They enter the room where the interview will take place. The guy waits to be invited to sit. The interviewer looks with a sneer to the guy and finally invites him to sit. The interviewer asks some easy questions, nothing serious. The atmosphere is relaxed. The guy answers nervously about his past and his present. He also speaks of some of their projects, without elaborating too much. The interviewer leans back in his chair.
He fires the first serious question.
The guy does not know what to say. And he feels unease. Doesn’t want to continue with the interview.
It’ll last two hours and there are two interviewers in the panel.
Answers he doesn’t know.
The interviewer says Do not get nervous.
Second question.
Doesn’t know what to say.
Two hours later the guy goes home. He takes off his shoes. He gets into bed with clothes and the next day he’s called for a new interview for a new job. He looks in the mirror and wondered if he has been trained for all this, to be something in life.

Pierre Label, Nothing new



Nadna dice:

Esa es una cuestión que sigo planteándome muchas mañanas… a mi edad.

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